We are traveling in the saddle from France to Asia. On bicycle and horseback. Some words about our fellow saddles...

Our bikes. With us from France to Asia


Our bicycles are reliable and sturdy, though not the fastest on the road. They are ready to tackle mountain peaks, desert sands, paved pistes, gravel tracks, and even a few goat paths. Each part and mechanism was deliberately chosen to be easy to repair or replace. During our equine expeditions, we stash them safely with friends.

Quentin is rolling on the quintessential traveler's bike, an American made Trek 520, and Ashley is on a rebuilt Sunn Symp - perfect for road & gravel biking. Both bicycles have more gears than we know what to do with, which will certainly help for the mountainous terrain to come. The bikes allow us to fully experience the freedom, slowness, and silence while we discover every fragment of the landscapes we traverse. 

Our horses during our 2 month trek in Albania, 2019

We were lucky enough to share the road across Albania with our horses Johnny, Griva and Düldül. We bought them from the same breeder in the south of the country, in Konispol, at the Greek border. The first few weeks were tough; they didn't really trust us, and they weren't really sure what this journey was about.


We believe in treating horses with fairness and respect and use these methods of horsemanship, all while keeping security our number one priority. A deep trust is developed and experienced between horse and rider during travel. While the countryside around us changed, each other’s company was our only constant. Soon we found our rhythm as a herd. We shared difficult moments and lots of laughter with them as we made our way 750km across the country. In their new home in Valbona Valley we thanked them and said a bittersweet goodbye.  

Our horses in central Asia, 2021

In summer 2021, we’ll undertake our second independent horse trek, across the mountains and steppe of Central Asia. Over four months we’ll ride over 1200km through Kyrgyzstan. We will travel with three horses, of local breed that are perfectly adapted to the landscape.