Map: France to Asia, 2019 to 2021

In January 2019, we began our expedition from France to Bali in Indonesia. Our route winds through Europe, central Asia and Southeast Asia. We travel primarily by bicycle except for Albania and Central Asia, which we tackle by horseback. Our cycling paths are not defined - if you can recommend a great mountain road or gravel route to cycle, let us know! The path below is approximate and will be refined more accurately as we advance. 

Last update on April 06th, 2021


Departure from : Lagnes, France

Currently : Kyrgyzstan

Days travelling : 345

Kilometers cycled : 5860 kms

Kilometers on horseback : 756 kms

Highest point : 2210m, Sakaltutan pass, Turkey

Nights camping : 106

Coming soon: Our horse trek in central Asia, 2021

In summer 2021, En Selle is going to Central Asia — 1200km across Kyrgyzstan. We’ll cross paths with the ghosts of Genghis Khan, Marco Polo and all the Silk Road’s most notorious nomadic peoples, living and dead.


Map: Our horse trek from South to North Albania, 2019

Nestled between Montenegro and Greece, Albania represents one of the last wild frontiers in Europe. After one month of horse shopping and intense preparation for the 800km trek, we departed from Gjirokaster in the south. Sticking to primarily mountain roads, we slowly marched north, basking in the stunning landscapes and heartfelt local encounters. On July 5th, we arrived successfully in Valbona Valley, at the northernmost tip of the country. We are the first riders in Albania to complete such a long horse trek using the same horses. We strongly encourage other riders to undertake their own Albanian horse trek, as the country is a veritable playground for this method of travel. 

We'd love to help other riders cross Albania! For full GPX file or technical questions, please contact us.