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En Selle is a series of documented journeys capturing simple moments and stories of a remote minimalist lifestyle on bicycle and horseback.


En Selle's travel journalism takes the shape of photo essays. These photo essays are meant to inspire and to immerse the reader in the journey, saturating their senses with color, sound, fragrance and emotion. Ride with us by horseback as we face the unknown dangers of inner Albania, cycle with us through high and forgotten villages of Southern Italy, let us take you with us across the complicated frontiers of central Asia, and beyond.

Our photos feature landscapes, our lifestyle and the environment around us. Our writing style is vibrant and sharp, fleshing out the stories behind the photos. With these words we share the grit, beauty, and irony of the expedition, taking the reader along for the ride.

We write in English and French, for assignments please contact us. You can find work samples in our portfolio below.

❤  Ashley & Quentin

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